Sunday, July 19, 2009

At the Zoo

Okay so I love the zoo. And here is why. The animals! No, seriously, it is the animals. Evolutionarily speaking, I don't see how people can go to the zoo, see all of the animals and deny that evolution takes place. I mean some of them are so prehistoric looking and so strange. And every strange appendage has a purpose to further the population of the species. It amazes me. I know all the creationists will say that god made them creatively. Whatever dude, nature made them ingeniously! I mean just look at the anteater! So weird with its tiny head and long narrow snout, thin tongue. And to see some animals are so closely related to one another. Like the capybara and guinea pig. And all of the monkeys! So human, I just love it. That is where I find the most "meaning" in the actual purpose of life. I feel so close to every creature there, and that is what it is all about for me. Animals rock!