Sunday, April 27, 2008

Name Calling

So I have recently gotten into a bit of a debate with a christian on a blog I frequent. The post was about how theists think that our lives have no meaning because we dont believe in a god. I made a sarcastic comment about the christian meaning of life that only atheists would really appreciate. This dude comments back saying how I am ignorant and full of hate. WTF. That argument may have had effected me when I was a third grade atheist, but now? That is just why most atheists dislike christian extremism. The only argument this person had was I am ignorant for not picking up a bible. god thinks I am a fool. I like a good religious discussion as much as the next girl, but I think if they want me to take them seriously then they must present evidence or arguments that I can relate too, just as I would try to present information they can relate to. Most likely, we will not believe each other, but, we will be able to relate to the information and better understand the others point. It is these kinds of people (the name callers) who I feel dont really understand what they believe, they follow the herd. The people who create a well put together argument, those are the theists who actually understand and things about their religion and what it means, and how it works. Ask questions, get answers. I really like the theists who ask me questions, and pay attention to what I say back. Just like I am sure they like how I ask questions and get responses. But not this person, nope, I am a poo-poo face for not believing in his god.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Coming Out

I am facing a dilemma about coming out atheist at work and to people in general. I am proud of my atheism, I thought. I have been an atheist forever, but now that I am older, I know the consequences of being a "known" atheist. I am by no means ashamed, but is my religion random people's business? I work with some very religious people. I think they know because I have a Darwin fish on my car. When asked I will gladly tell them I am a non-believer, but I know how people react to it, I don't want to be persecuted by people I see would be like high school all over again. My dilemma makes me feel like I am ashamed of my beliefs, but I am really more ashamed that I am scared people will not like me. I shouldn't care what people think, but let's face it, we are social animals.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life Tests, Not god

My motto is, "Life's tough, get a helmet." The bumps and bruises in life are what make us stronger as individuals. Everyone goes through it. All the bad things that happen in life make me damn sure that there is no supreme being. This is a sick game of chess god is playing if he really is out there. Shit happens, thats it. Sometimes it is good shit, sometimes it is bad shit. Most of the time it is make-you-want-to-slap-people shit. But we learn from every pile we step in, hopefully the species will learn too. And that is why Life is a test, it's not some invisible dude in the sky screwing with our lives. But it is not a test for the individual, it tests the human group. That is why Life is tough, so pack your helmet.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Evolutionarily Speaking

So, evolutionarily speaking sometimes I think that we have gotten so smart that it interferes with natural selection. I am by no means a biologist; I am, just speculating here. But…lets take bad vision for example. I have horrible vision. I know poor vision can be an acquired trait, but I believe it is also inherited. Non-the less, bad visioned people such as myself are “weaker.” But with the invention of glasses we can be equal to others. I am just as glad as the next glasses wearer that I am not lying in a ditch somewhere due to falling in a crevasse, but I wonder, now I will pass on my bad genes to my offspring? This is speaking purely evolutionary…I am happy I’m not dead.

Also, why do people who don’t believe in evolution not really understand it? I understand that they don’t believe it, but they don’t get how it works. Like my Christian friends ask why they can’t see it happen. They don’t understand that we need a reason to change, like environment. And hopefully, for the sake of humanity, natural selection will work for us when our environment changes drastically. PS: you can see it happen, you just have to look at the evidence in the natural history museums!