Tuesday, May 20, 2008

His Dark Materials

I just finished this series and may I just say WOW! I thought these books were amazingly written with a fantastic theme. It is about the abuse of power, the meaning of life, and it is about love. The stories are about becoming part of everything. That is heaven. That is what I believe. Live your life, atoms to atoms dust to dust. If you haven't read them you should.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Tie You Can't Break

Today I saw my ex-boyfriend that I hadn't seen in months. I thought it would be strange to see him, let alone talk to him. But much to my surprise it was not. It made me realize that friendship is a tie that I cant break. I mean the romantic relationship can fizzle out if you don't work on it, but I have never been able to disregard a friendship no matter how hard I try. It is like when your pet bites you really hard, but you still love them anyway. No, I dont think that my ex and I will be the best of pals...cause I know I wont be able to be happy for him when he meets someone else, but I cant pretend the closeness is totally gone. Friendship gets dusty, or it is like riding a bike. I can brush it off or get back on and it is the same again...metaphorically speaking. That is when feel the closest with people in my life. I know those ties are still there, even if they are covered with dust. It also makes me content to know that life is about Life and the relationships with people that we have in it. Life shouldn't be about what happens after...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Okay, I know it isnt totally the same, but...is it so ridiculous for creationist to be exposed to an alternate theory in school such as the theory of evolution and the big-bang-theory? I mean, I remember learning about Jesus and Mohamed in my history classes. And when you learn about those two, you learn about the religions that go with it. It has been a while since I was in a biology class, but I am pretty sure they just teach about how evolution works, such as survival of the fittest and natural selection. And in physics to learn about the big-bang, they never said it happened, they just speculate that it could have happened. Hello! You are in a science class! You should be able to teach scientific fact (or theory) in such a class without being arrested or fired. I had to learn about god and religion in my schooling, heck when you dont go to church where else are you going to learn it? But you dont hear any atheist kids parents complaining to the school board because their child had to learn about the rise of christianity. And you dont hear us complaining about learning creationist philosophy in English or history class. I've got it! The theists are complaining about having to LEARN something.