Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Admit a Higher Power?

Why is it so important for people to admit that there is a higher power? To me it would be depressing to say this higher power wants to fuck up my life. For me it is liberating to know that I am in charge of what goes on in my life. I really dont understand why AA has to admit there is a higher power. I know that the power doesnt have to be a god, but still. I dont understand how that is helpful. Does that mean you have to let go and say you arent in charge of your disease? I dont get it, but if it helps people than awesome.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Religion in Art

As a person who loves the arts, and hates organized religion, is it strange that I really enjoy religious art work? Particularly dark religious art work? Pieces that show the struggle between man and god, and man questioning god's existence. Even though these works are created by faith filled people, does it joy me to see them struggle with their delusions? But having the education that I have, I also understand that if it weren't for religion, then the arts would not have developed as they had. Maybe I love religious art because of the raw emotion it creates. Even though I don't agree with religious tradition, I do know that they have a place in history and society. Can I bring a piece of artwork with a message of faith and god into my home? I'm not sure. I have not yet. But, I have seen many pieces that could make me cross that line. But for me it is a scary line to cross. What does that make me?