Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Okay, I know it isnt totally the same, it so ridiculous for creationist to be exposed to an alternate theory in school such as the theory of evolution and the big-bang-theory? I mean, I remember learning about Jesus and Mohamed in my history classes. And when you learn about those two, you learn about the religions that go with it. It has been a while since I was in a biology class, but I am pretty sure they just teach about how evolution works, such as survival of the fittest and natural selection. And in physics to learn about the big-bang, they never said it happened, they just speculate that it could have happened. Hello! You are in a science class! You should be able to teach scientific fact (or theory) in such a class without being arrested or fired. I had to learn about god and religion in my schooling, heck when you dont go to church where else are you going to learn it? But you dont hear any atheist kids parents complaining to the school board because their child had to learn about the rise of christianity. And you dont hear us complaining about learning creationist philosophy in English or history class. I've got it! The theists are complaining about having to LEARN something.

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I have to disagrees AG. Unless they are being taught in a social studies class or world religions class. I have no problem with world religions and learning about what people believe. As an alternative to science way. Evolution is science; tested, peer reviewed and despite what some may say it is real. If you introduce ID into science class it will confuse people and add legitimacy to ID. Lets be careful with the word theory, because evolution and the big bang are actually scientific theories. Which is a far stronger statement. Some try to insinuate that a theory is merely an hypotheses or idea but in science it is the current accepted reality.

I think there is a difference between learning about Christianity and learning Christianity.

atheist girl said...

That is exactly what i am saying. If they want to teach ID, they should put it in the proper section. and since there is no class called "pretend" they should put it in philosophy or something. ID does NOT belong in a science class since it is not based in scientific method. i think wanting to put ID into the science curriculum just shows how scared evolution makes the chirstians ;)