Monday, June 2, 2008


It was recently my last day of work. I am in sales and here is a question of ethics for you. The last day that I worked was on Sunday the 25th. I took the next week off as vacation making my official last day the 1st of this month. I was working with a couple on an $11,000 deal. I didn't close the deal because it was my last day of work. The couple proceeded to close the deal with the owner of the company's wife. She didn't split the deal with me like you are supposed to when you know you are closing someone else's deal. I can understand her being confused about the split if she thought I was no longer with the company. But when my Director called the office about it and even when I e-mailed her about it they all refused. You split a deal with other consultants when they take a vacation...I just took mine for my very last week. Am I wrong??This is a question of the ethical thing to do. These people were raised with "Christian" values. Some values! What ever makes us money and screws the little people is what these people do. I have better ethics than they do and I am the dirty atheist. Do what is right. Is that so hard?


VickiLynne said...

OH Yeah, the ethical and legally binding thing would be to give you your commission BUT OH My Sales and Christians, that's a bad combination.

Sales and Christians have screwed me out of my commissions over and over again.

For some reason God and Christianity always have told them that they have a right to it.

Rich said...

The confusion comes in having accepted the formidable PR machine the Christians have that insists only Christians can be moral, because they get their morality directly from god and they have a book. In your associates case, their line to god must have been jammed and they couldn't get through. So they reached a decision on their own, which is what everyone, theist or atheist alike ultimately has to do. The difference between these groups is that atheists know the decisions require thought and intelligence so they make a study of morality and how to make moral judgments. Alas, the Christians have been mis-educated to think they only have prayer and a book to guide them. Well we all know about how effective prayer is, and that book they depend so much on is full of conflicting verses. One of the 10 commandments says not to murder anyone. However if you want to murder someone badly enough, you can find a verse somewhere that says go ahead.