Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Purpose of Prayer

So I think I am beginning to understand the reason that people believe in god and prayer. I mean, I always knew why, but now I am starting to know why. Bad shit happens to people and they, and their friends and family, feel helpless. There is nothing they can do to help. At least when you say a little prayer it is an action you can take. When you believe that there is a reason that bad shit happens it makes life a little less depressing. Now...do I think that praying does anything? No, not in the respect that god answers a prayer. If praying does anything it makes the one praying feel better and less helpless. It is taking the blame and the work out of the hands of the prayer and putting into someone else's hands. It is a relief. How relieving is it to know that the bad things that happen aren't just random and can be aided with a few words?

I like knowing that it is random. Me, and my friends and family didn't do anything to deserve the bad things that happen to us. It just happens, it happens to everyone. But as an atheist, what can we do to not feel so helpless?


Faithinate said...

Man, I hate to say it, but I think feeling helpless is just part of life. That's really easy for me to say sitting on my comfy couch with my healthy family all round...but there it is. Life is beautiful, and life can suck more than can be believed. I guess that's what therapy is for, eh?

SecularEarth.com said...

I suppose if prayer helps the one praying then it serves a purpose of providing therapy. But when it comes things like the National Day of PrayerI feel like saying just get off your knees and actually do something because asking god to help earthquake victims is of no help at all.

"Prayer is how to do nothing an still think you are helping." -I can't figure out who said this but have heard it before.

AarowSwift said...

Basically, prayer works on the placebo effect.