Monday, March 31, 2008

Do I Hate god?

I would like to know why christians think that I hate god. I read on another blog that some one had a similar experience and I thought I would share my story. I work in a gallery and we have a painting of a last supper scene. It is a really cool piece because it has over 100 story illustrations from the bible in the main figures of the supper. For example, the face of Jesus is the creation of Adam and Eve. I think it is an awesome painting. Over the past year I have sold 5 of those pieces. A person that I work work with and also knew about my atheism made a comment to me about it. He said that since I have sold so many of them that it is a sign from god...I said, "um...I don't think so." Then he told me that they should give me a free one. I excitedly answered that I thought it was an amazing idea. Well he looked shocked! He said, "you'd hang that in your house?!" YES!!! "But you hate god," he commented. Why is it assumed that just because I am an atheist I hate god. Sure I dont believe in a god, but just because I dont believe in santa claus doesn't mean I hate him, and wont hang up santa themed ornaments around the holidays. It is strange. Having studied art for so long it is hard to not have an appreciation for religious art. It is what really started the whole art movement in general...


praiseNull said...

Tell him you thought he hates unicorns and dragons because he doesn't have prints of them hung on his walls.

VickiLynne said...

As a young girl growing up I was the only one in my peer group and near community that was an atheist.

My peers had no judgement or problem with it. They didn't try and shove their religion or God down my throat - we spoke and shared our views. It worked out quite well. To learn love & acceptance. Never did they think I hated God, I just didn't believe.

Now thru my choice I do believe in the spirit and energy of God, may it be man or woman. I'm not a christian - yuck, nor am I religious. I guess you could say that I'm a spiritual deist. I do not believe in organized religion.

Last thing I will say, it's easier to find peace harmony acceptance love and all those good things amongst an around folks who are Atheists, than it is to find in a Christian.

I'll come and visit you again, since your caption under the title reads that your blog is for atheists & christians JUST call me a believer/a deists/or spiritual but don't call me a christian - no.


ps. ur welcome to come hang out at my house - blog too.