Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Meaning of My Life

Why does everything have to have a meaning? Is it that important to think that we are superior to all living things? I was reading on someone’s web page that we are above all else…better than whales, better than dogs, better than a mosquito. If we aren’t better, then what is the point of life was one of his arguments. It is like our brains need to think that man is the greatest thing. If I don’t believe in god than I have no purpose in my life. I am on better than the fleas on dogs. I am not connected to anything, past, present, or future. Duh! In my head that makes me feel connected to everything! The DNA in my cells is made out of the same chemicals that make the DNA in whales, dogs, and the mosquito. Every thing is made out of the same stuff! And not just living things…everything on this planet is made out of the same 117 elements. Out of all the things in the entire world it only takes 117 pieces to put together a bazillion different puzzles. We are the same as all things on the whole planet. There may not be an afterlife, but this life is pretty cool because everything is one thing. So when this man generalized and said that life is pointless to us evolutionists he was wrong. He was also wrong when he said evolutionists instead of atheists because some evolutionists believe in a creator.

The purpose in my life is just to make myself, and the people around me, happy without hurting anyone. Is that really so bad? So the human brain is more highly evolved than the other animals on the planet, so what. Does that mean that we are better? To some people, yes. To others, no. Life is life, no matter whose or what’s it is. It means different things to different people. Many believe that the only way human life is important and meaningful is that we are superior and are here for a specific reason. I believe that life is here, and it is not important in the same sense that others believe. It is no more important than anything else. We should use it to be happy, it is equal to the life of all other living things. If we as humans are willing to diminish the lives of the other animals we share the planet with than we should be willing to diminish our own.


John Galt said...

There are so many implications of the word "better" that it's impossible to account for all of them at once. Assuming by context that the "better" you are referring to is that of significance to the universe, then I would say nothing in existence is better than any other thing, but if we change the value of "better" to mean significance to oneself, you 'better' believe that, to me, I'm "better" than everything else, you can't try to save the world, or even just one other thing in it, if you can't try to save yourself first. It's not selfish to want to live and should never be considered so.

atheist girl said...

i did mean better in the significance to the universe. i dont think it is selfish to want to live, but sometimes i do think it is selfish to think that my human life is better, or worth more to the universe, than the life of another creature. i love life, it is really all we have. but it is also all that any living thing has. and to degrade their lives to make us feel significant is selfish.

Intergalactic Hussy said...

I think its funny that the type of theists you are describing want to be superior to all animals and living things, yet be inferior to a higher power. Talk about a paradox!

I think we are all connected in a wonderful hippie-like way. :) By denying we are all connected, they aren't seeing the true wonders of nature. How everything evolved to be the way it is and how everything has a purpose....but not like a fate-like purpose or a higher calling. But everything in nature has a role. And its always changing. And I find that amazing.

VickiLynne said...

Oh, I can remember when many were worried about me. I found greater peace among the subspecies - dogs cats turtles and frogs. They were alot kinder than those 'better than' human beings were acting. And, they didn't judge.