Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome to my Atheist blog

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog! Off the bat, my plan for this blog is to be an atheist blog. I am an atheist. I am 23, and as far back as I can remember I haven’t believed in gods. Over the past years, starting in high school, I have realized how important a part religion (or lack of) plays in people’s lives. I have been looked down upon for my beliefs, criticized, and even lost a few friends. I decided to do this blog on Christmas Day 2007 when my father read me a letter to the editor speaking about how atheists are the roots of all evil. We are the reason that there is war, greed, and deceit. This is a place where I can let out my feelings and opinions. I know that I cannot speak for all atheists in the world, but I do know that we are not bad people. We have morals, although, they are not biblically based. We know the definition of right and wrong. Just as you cannot talk a Christian out of believing in god, you cannot talk us into it. I am a normal female, I cry, I love, I have fun, and I rock out.
I have a new found pride in my atheism. I am not ashamed of my beliefs. I don’t have “faith,” not in the obvious sense of the word at least. I have faith that my family will always be there for me, and that science will someday be able to explain what it can’t right now.
In this blog, I want to talk about my life, and how my atheism factors into it. I hope there are other atheists who can find comfort in my writings, and Christians who can see the other side of the religious coin. Thanks for letting me spill my guts.

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Interested said...

Welcome! I know how you feel in needing a place to express yourself. I started my blog a while ago and it has given me courage and taught me a lot. Glad you're here.