Thursday, March 27, 2008

Horton Hears a What!?

I am a Dr. Seuss freak ok. I just saw the Horton movie and let's just say that they interpreted it differently than I. They made Horton godlike to the Whos, and the Whos godlike to Horton. They had to believe in each other when no one else did. AND the kangaroo was the evil atheistic character who said, "if you can see it, touch it, or feel it, it isnt real," she wants the speck destroyed (okay she wants it destroyed in the book too.) Yeah yeah that is what most of us believe anyway, but she was the bad character and in the book she just thought Horton was strange. In the real story, the Whos know they are on a speck and need help. Horton listens because he has large ears. The story is about democracy, and how every voice counts to make a difference. But it helps if someone capable is listening. So...there it is. The movie was really well done, dont get me wrong I thought it was funny. But, myself and the movie makers differed on our opinions on the interpretation of the story.

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Interested said...

Fantastic! It has always made me furious when teachers or others TELL me what the book or movie means. Hey, I can figure it out for myself and I probably don't agree with anyone else. That is the beauty of any art...personal interpretation.