Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Religion and Sex Talk

I think that talking about a person's religious beliefs is a very personal conversation. I know that I prefer talking about it with friends and family. Well, I have a job where religious conversation may come up with strangers. But when people ask me what I believe, they might as well be asking me what my favorite position is. We would never go up to a stranger and say, "excuse me madam, but do you like to be on top?" Albeit not all of us talk openly about sex, but it is a very intimate detail about a person, and I feel that a person's spirituality is too. And sometimes strangers don't ask me about my beliefs, but they readily offer up their's. It is cool that they are so passionate about it, but I never know how to respond. Again, it is such a personal detail about someone. To me they might as well walked up to me and said, "I really like doggy style." I guess this whole blog is a bit contradictory, but hey, I like talking about sex too ;) At least if anyone reads this they know what they area getting into.


Interested said...

Okay, I agree that it is personal but comparing it to sex ???? When I first came out as an atheist, no longer in the closet, it was hard not to blurt it out to everyone. Now, I am comfortable talking about it even though I 2 daughters who are over the top, religiously. You'll get there.

atheist girl said...

dont get me wrong, i have been an atheist my whole life. i enjoy talking about it, just like i enjoy chatting about sex. but i am more comfortable talking about both with people that i know. and i was also referring to when i am at work. i dont like talking about it with my clients (which i didnt make clear in the entry.) i know it was a stretch comparing it to sex, but i couldnt think of anything else that was personal.